Getting Fired From A Staffing Agency Temporary Job

Have you been recently fired from a staffing agency or other temporary employment agency? Do you believe that your firing was unjust or possibly illegal? If so, call the Los Angeles area employment law expert: Attorney Robert David. Baker.

The Law Offices of Robert David Baker has been advocating for worker’s rights for several decades and we are proud to champion the rights of employees to work in offices free from illegal discrimination.

Determining which employer is legally responsible

When you work through a temp or staffing agency, you may legally have one employer, or you may have multiple legal employers. Before any legal action can be taken on your behalf, we will need to determine which employer is legally responsible. Some factors that will help define your employment relationship with both your former employment or staffing agency and the employer who you actually performed work for may include:

Who directed your work?
Who managed and/or supervised you?
How long was your employment with each employer?
Did the company or individual that you performed work for actually have the right to fire you? Did the employment, temp or staffing agency have the legal right to fire you?
In questions about defining an employment relationship, the focus for a court will be on your individual relationship with both the employment staffing firm and the individual or corporation that you performed work for.

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Staffing agencies are often unregulated, and many do not play by the rules required of all California employers by the law. Some staffing agencies may believe that their contracted workers do not have any employment rights – they are wrong. If you or a loved one has been fired from a staffing agency or temporary job and has reason to believe that the firing was done in retaliation for a legitimate workplace grievance or some other action protected by California law, please call us today to schedule a free consultation. Our staff is available either over the phone or in person at our conveniently located offices to hear the facts of your case and advise you of your legal rights. Attorney Robert David Baker has built a solid reputation for defending worker’s rights in greater Los Angeles, and he looks forward to hearing from you today.